May 29, 2024
  • 3:06 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Pick up the Pieces
  • 8:52 AM 4th of July Feel Good BBQ ~ Grill’n & Chill’n Classic Rock & Pop Mix
  • 9:21 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Freestyle, New Jack Swing, Classic House Old School Mix
  • 9:19 PM Friday Vault Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Wake Up in the Morning Yawning Old School Mix
  • 9:07 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Everything’s Gonna Be Alright Old School Mix


The 1970’s – 3 decades ago and life was different – dramatically different. American Society was coming off of the 60’s, a decade of protest, of speaking out. Vietnam, Woodstock, events most people associate with the later 1960’s were fresh in the memories of those who could remember them. All the while, 2 entrepreneurs were busy trying to find a place where they too could cash in on the wave of change – Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager. There dream became a reality in the Spring on 1977 when they opened “Studio 54”. I never had the opportunity to go there, you see, I was 8 years old when the club opened. It’s greatest days ended abruptly in 1980. I do know people that had the once in a lifetime chance to be a part of the biggest party probably ever thrown in New York City. There never was anything like it before and there will never be anything like it again.

Studio 54 was a brief period in the history of American Culture that makes it so remarkable. Well known for there Studio 54 was a melting pot where people of different ages, ethnicities, professions, and lifestyles came together under one roof: the diversity was truly combustible. The crowd included the most celebrated writers, actors, artists, dancers, musicians and other culturally influential people. Among the many celebrities who frequented the club included Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Rick James, Liza Minnelli, Elton John, John Travolta, Grace Jones, Cher, Debbie Harry, and the list goes on.

You could ask yourself “what if” until you are blue in the face. What If Steve Rubell didn’t get caught by the IRS? What if drugs were not as rampant? How much longer could the club have survived? Or did it live the life it was intended? Ultimately, the “Party at 54” would bring down 2 business men – and in 1989, take the life of one. If the 1960’s and 1970’s gave us freedom, then the 1980’s and 1990’s taught us responsibility.

Here is a Mix I made per Special Request.  We don’t hear much the Disco era anymore, but it does bring back some good memories. Now for you young DJ’s who are trying to come up, take a LISTEN. All these records were recorded with “LIVE” drums. Drum machines did not exist in the 70’s. That means you have to ride the pitch, fiddle with the platter and pray that your are in sync. This take years of practice and a good ear.

So now, strap on your platform shoes, put on a pair of Angel Flight Jeans, and Pick that Afro. I’m taking you waaaaaaay back. Enough said (for now), I give you the “Studio 54 Mixes”. Enjoy…..





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