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Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Aug 16, 2013

South Jr. High '83This week we created a special mix for a good friend of ours, David Hernandez. While finalizing last weeks mix,  he contacted us for a Birthday Shout Out. We did not get a change to record a shout out, so we put together a mix of some of his favorite jams. We met back in 1982-83 at South Jr. High School, in Anaheim, CA. Breakdancing made it’s way into the mainstream here in Cali and we fell in love the art of Hip Hop. We used to South Jr. High '83battle and show off our skills during lunch time and all the student would come running forming a big circle. The Staff thought a fight broke out and they would rush in with there walkies-talkies and whistles to break it up. We would tell them that we were not fighting, but dancing. It got so popular that an English teacher, who loved dance, came up with the idea to have us perform during lunchtime at the outdoor assembly stage. That way, everybody could see us perform and we would not cause such a commotion on the field and get the staff all fired up. The Anaheim Bulletin Newspaper got wind of what the school was doing and decided to come down, check it out, and write a column. They sat us down and interviewed us in our cafeteria. We were just kids and didn’t expect much of it. We all waited anxiously for the article to come out. Weeks would go by and, low and behold, we made the front and full back page of the Anaheim Bulletin Newspaper. The Pictures were taken in David’s neighborhood and back alley. That is me doing the King Tut (center) and David is back spinning (top left)     We were so excited, I think I went to every new stand and took them all.. We got offered to be in music videos and movies. I think back and I’m glad that I could share this story with the young one’s in the family to inspire them. We were just 13 year old kids with passion to entertain. Those were some goodtimes and the memories will last forever. David, Happy Birthday and enjoy the mix.

Have a Great Weekend and Party Responsibly.. Enjoy the mix and share

Club Nouveau is a contemporary R&B-pop band that was formed by record producer/performer Jay King in 1986 in Sacramento, California, subsequent to the break up of the Timex Social Club. Other members of Club Nouveau included original members Denzil Foster, Thomas McElroy, Samuelle Prater, and Valerie Watson. The band’s name (French for “New Club”) was changed from its original incarnation, Jet Set, to exploit the break up of the Timex Social Club. The group was signed by Warner Bros. Records, on which Club Nouveau released its first three albums.

From its debut album, Life, Love, and Pain, which was released in 1986, the group scored four consecutive hits: “Jealousy” (essentially an answer song responding to Timex Social Club’s hit “Rumors”), “Situation #9,” a cover of Bill Withers’s “Lean on Me,” and “Why You Treat Me So Bad.” The latter was interpolated by the Luniz on that group’s hit single “I Got Five on It” and subsequently by Puff Daddy on “Satisfy You.” The latter two both made it to #2 on the Billboard R&B chart the next year, with “Lean on Me” becoming a big Billboard Hot 100 hit. “Jealousy” also made an appearance on the soundtrack of the film Modern Girls.

Foster and McElroy went on to form a production duo and record as FMob, before founding the female vocal group En Vogue. Prater eventually left as well. The replacements were David Agent and Kevin Irving. The group’s next albums—beginning with Listen to the Message—were laced with an evolving social consciousness, though the later albums were not as successful commercially as the group’s debut. Notable recordings include a dancehall-influenced version of the gospel classic “Oh, Happy Day” from the album A New Beginning.

Thump Records issued a greatest hits compilation album, and Club Nouveau occasionally regroups to record. The band also recorded a song for the Who’s That Girl soundtrack called “Step by Step.” Club Nouveau’s version of “Lean on Me” won a Grammy award.

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  1. TheEntertainer Dave Stylus Posted on August 15, 2013 at 10:49 PM

    Old School, Classic Hip Hop, West Coast…. Free Download.. Pump it up.. Have a great weekend. #TGIF #FRyWeezie

  2. Deqoun James Posted on August 16, 2013 at 2:04 PM

    TheEntertainer Dave Stylus and #FryWeezie from MIX 96.6 F.M. went in hard on this weeks #FridayFeelGoodMix!