April 15, 2021
  • 10:08 AM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Old School Hip Hop~R&B~Reggae Mix
  • 10:41 AM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ In Loving Memory of Florina Pasqual
  • 1:41 PM Aqua Boogie Playlist
  • 3:55 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Jump Around
  • 7:50 PM 80’s Hi-NRG Mix ft. DJ Ram


The Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for March 29….

Fry Weezie Played Thrift Shop last week to end the mix and felt that he had kick it off with this jam. In addition to that, we always get Music artist via our FaceBook Fan page that want us to add their music to our mix… We always are willing to give it a listen and if we like it, we’ll put it in the mix…. We have (2) artist, Hash Boys ft. D-Lo and Hussbaby from the Bay Area and LC Babbyy from Milwaukee. We can appreciate the hustle of these two artist.. It’s not easy in this music industry, but with dedication and believing in yourself, it will take you to places you never dreamed of….  WE GOT LOVE YOU YOU IN THE O.C…..  We added some West Coast Flava….. Enjoy the mix…

Her is the video from Hash Boys ft. D-Lo and Hussbaby, The Bay Area have some Beautiful Ladies…  I think we need to pay Hussbaby a visit for some ink work…

[youtube id=”W355oYnc5qU” width=”640″ height=”350″]

 LC Babbyy in the mix…. Make sure to check out LC Babbyy HERE Hit him up on Facebook and Like His page….

[youtube id=”OHDEnRfZD1w” width=”640″ height=”350″]

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