September 22, 2023
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  • 8:52 AM 4th of July Feel Good BBQ ~ Grill’n & Chill’n Classic Rock & Pop Mix
  • 9:21 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Freestyle, New Jack Swing, Classic House Old School Mix
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  • 9:07 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Everything’s Gonna Be Alright Old School Mix

The Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Aug. 30, 2013

FBGroup photoThis was recorded back in late 1998 at Peppers Nightclub in the City of Garden Grove, CA. Peppers was nightclub  where the regulars became family and Everybody new Everybody. We all had one mission, just to have a good time..  My Girlfriend worked as a waitress at that time and so I was already regular there. They were looking for a Happy Hour DJ and she told management,  I have the right guy for the Job. The management did not just take anybody off the streets. They wanted someone with crowd experience. He looked at me and said, You’re a DJ? I said, yup. Then he said, You don’t look  like a DJ? I told him, What is a DJ support to look like? (laugh) He Smiled and said Jump in the booth and show us what you can do. I took over Happy Hour and built it to be one the most successful Happy Hour in O.C. I built a crowd of over 150 during Happy Hour which Management knew they had some talent in their hands. It got so popular that when the Night Shift DJ came in and when we made the switch, The Happy Hour Crowd left. The management was puzzled and ask, Where did all the Happy Hour Crowd go? Mark, working security, Told him that they all left with your Happy Hour DJ. From that point on, I took over Friday Nights, Wednesday’s, & Thursday’s followed. I was still DJ’ing Happy Hour on Thursday and Fridays. It was a an 8-9 hour Shift just DJ’ing. We don’t see that no more. 1 DJ, that is all it took. It was a great time at Peppers. Unfortunately, in late 1998, 2 Peppers Nightclubs Locations closed down and in Feb. ’99, I closed the last one in Garden Grove. I met many good friends and had some memorable times at all 3 locations.  In August of ’99, I married my Girlfriend and invited 75% of my Peppers crowd.  It was a Party  and had Gabriel Iglecias perform during Dinner. Good Times!!!!

Hope you enjoy the Mix…

This mix was recorded live and mixed with real vinyl. Artist include: Ice Cube, Mac 10, Janet Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Snoop Dogg, Next, Brandy, Total, R.Kelly and Many More..

Happy Labor Day Weekend and Party Responsibly

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