September 28, 2022
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  • 8:52 AM 4th of July Feel Good BBQ ~ Grill’n & Chill’n Classic Rock & Pop Mix
  • 9:21 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Freestyle, New Jack Swing, Classic House Old School Mix
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  • 9:07 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Everything’s Gonna Be Alright Old School Mix

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Dec. 6, 2013

This week we decided to bring back some classic Hip Hop with some of the original songs that were sampled from the Classic Hip Hop era. I played the original sample from It Takes Two, “Think About It” by Lyn Collins, to a friend of mine and she had no idea that it was an original song. She thought that Rob Base produced it himself. Actually, the songs was produced by James Brown (who also co-wrote the song) and features instrumental backing from his band The J.B’s. If you hear closely, you can hear James Brown in the background. Think about it was sampled in 785 songs and is one of James Brown’s most frequent sampled songs. Just a little Hip Hop History Lesson. If you Don’t know, Now You know…  Enjoy the Mix…

Have a great weekend and Party Responsibly..

***Note: Due to Copy Rights “Think About It” by Lyn Collins, SoundCloud did not let me upload the mix. You can still hear it on soundcould, but I had to chop off the intro…. ***

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ It Takes Two by Dave Stylus And Fry Weezie on Mixcloud

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