June 6, 2020
  • 1:41 PM Aqua Boogie Playlist
  • 3:55 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Jump Around
  • 7:50 PM 80’s Hi-NRG Mix ft. DJ Ram
  • 7:51 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Everybody’s Got A Little Light Under The Sun
  • 8:47 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Erotic City


Check out this interview with The Baka Boyz and Khool Aid (X-Power 106 Air Personalities) on how the Baka Boyz aka “The 2 Phat Mexicans” changed Radio forever by Introducing Hip Hop to the main stream. If it wasn’t for these two young and talented kids from Bakersfield, we probably be stuck to listening to pop radio and Hip Hop would not have the impact it has today. Salute to The Baka Boyz.

Living radio legends and music producers, Baka Boyz sit down and chop it up with Khool Aid and E-Dub on Pocos Pero Locos, and cover how they came to LA from Bakersfield as passionate kids and spearheaded Power 106’s (KPWR, Los Angeles) initial transition from Dance station to Hip Hop format. They also reminisce on the first interview they did with Notorious B.I.G. and Puff Daddy, back when Puff was just launching Bad Boy. Radio and Hip Hop history, all in one!




Dave Stylus

... is an all around entertainer. On the mic or on the wheels of steel! Dave is sure to be a crowd pleaser!