July 19, 2024
  • 3:06 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Pick up the Pieces
  • 8:52 AM 4th of July Feel Good BBQ ~ Grill’n & Chill’n Classic Rock & Pop Mix
  • 9:21 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Freestyle, New Jack Swing, Classic House Old School Mix
  • 9:19 PM Friday Vault Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Wake Up in the Morning Yawning Old School Mix
  • 9:07 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Everything’s Gonna Be Alright Old School Mix

I can remember going see Heavy D @ the Celebrity Theater in Anaheim, as a matter of fact, I still have the concert stub. He had great stage presets and full of energy for a Big guy. As you can hear from most of my Old School Mixes, I would add a Heavy D track while no other DJ would even think to put him in there Mix. Take a listen to my Heavy D Tribute Mix and let me know what you think  I even through in the Theme song from the Hit TV Show In Living Color  (3) Snaps Up in “Z” formation *Snap* *Snap* *Snap* Enjoy

Heavy D seemed poised for a comeback before his unexpected death Wednesday. The 44-year-old rapper collapsed outside his Beverly Hills, Calif., condominium and was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The cause as of this moment is yet unknown.

Oddly enough Biggie Smalls first appeared on a Heavy D track in 1993 called “Buncha N*ggas” on the Blue Funk album. Heavy also appeared on tracks “Alright” by Janet Jackson on her Rhythm Nation album, and on Michael Jackson’s 1991 hit single “Jam”. Talk about working with the heavy hitters.

In honor of the passing of this legendary music and acting icon I sent a frantic text message to the Fast Lane Magazine resident mixologist Dave Stylus from Mix966FM and asked him to put together a quick mix of some of Heavy’s best tracks. And he came up with this Heavy D Fast Lane Quick Mix! I certainly hope that you enjoy, and please leave us comments below! You can also follow us on Twitter @FastLaneMag

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Dave Stylus

... is an all around entertainer. On the mic or on the wheels of steel! Dave is sure to be a crowd pleaser!