Friday Feel Good Valentine’s Mix Ft. DJ Asylum

This month, I gave Fry Weezie some time off to spend it with his new squeeze, Anita. So, we reached out to DJ Asylum and he blessed us with this smooth love making R & B Mix with all the Classic Slow Jams from back in the day. I got to say, if this does not get you in the mood to get busy, I don’t what will. This mix features nothing but the best of the 90’s joints from, R. Kelly, Troop, L.S.G, Joe, Usher, Keith Sweat, Rome, Janet Jackson, The Jets, to Johnny Gill,  and many more..  A little Exciting, A little Naughty, A Little Nice. This mix is over an hour long. So get that someone special and let’s make it happen. Time to Dim the Lights and light a candle.

Enjoy the mix and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Friday Feel Good Valentine’s Day Mix W/ Special Guest DJ

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Feb. 14, 2014 ~ Valentine’s Day

Since, Fry Weezie Decided to take the day off and Spend a Nice Evening with his Hot Looking Mama Gurtruth, we needed to find a DJ that can mix those smooth R & B hits. We Reached out to a guest DJ from the Bay Area and He delivered. If this mix does not put you in the mood to get your Nasty on, then you got some serious issues.. Mixing the best of R & B Baby Making music to get your in the mood for this Valentine’s Day. I hope you enjoy the mix and ladies please comment and let us know what you think. Remember Valentine’s is not all about Flowers and Chocolates, but being “one” with your partner and giving them a night to remember. Remember,  don’t just make love to your partner, but make love to their MIND. Gentlemen, you can thank us later.

Enjoy the Mix and wear a Condom…