Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Egyptian Lover Party Mix


Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for May 31…

This Friday Feel Good Quick Mix was featured on MiamiBass.FM‘s Memorial Day Mix Weekend. Fry Weezie mixed Bass Hits from the East to the West Coast and put it all together in a 1 hour mix. A Friday Feel Good Shout Out went out to DJ Pinky and Tello for inviting me to hang out at Gringo’s Cantina over Memorial Weekend. DJ Pinky was mixing the best of old school and took me back to Pepper’s and Quite Cannon days when Clubs were live and the music was Feel Good. I sure miss those days. At the end of the mix, we spoke about Rodney O and Joe Cooley Collaborating with Vanilla Ice on his album, Mind Blowin’ in  1994. Rodney O and Joe Cooley worked

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Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ “PrimeTime” PARTY MIX

The Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Nov. 9.

My Nephew helped me DJ a couple of Halloween parties and asked me when do you know when it is “Prime Time”. Prime Time is a time when you have your crowd under your control. It is a Vibe.  When you are feeling the Crowd and the Crowd is feeling you. You just know. I would shut everybody out and just get in my zone. Club Heads knew not to bother me because I was doing my thang.

This is another way to DJ, it’s call “CUTTING”. No mixing involved just straight cutting and with the element of surprise. It’s all about timing. This style will work well in concert openers and late night club mix (last 1/2 hour).

You want to have your club heads asking for more, NEVER finish on a slow song..  Enjoy the mix… Cutting it Old School…

It’s Friday. Turn up the music and get the weekend started.

Have a Great Weekend and Party Responsibly

As Always, Thank you for your Love and Support

Dave Stylus & Fry Weezie

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Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Bombz



The Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Aug 3. Today, we are featuring a new Hip Hop Artist, Keith Brooks aka Bombz. Every once in a while, we like to feature new and up incoming artist in our Friday Feel Good Quick Mixes that we know they have potential in the music biz. This Dude is young, hungry, and very talented. We love the hustle.  I had an opportunity to see Bombz perform Live in Hollywood and I was Continue Reading

Friday Feel Good Maimi Bass Booty Quick Mix ~ Lo

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parental_advisory_explicit_contentI present to you the Miami Bass Booty Quick Mix. It has been a while since I recorded this genre. I was in High School when BASS and Booming System in your car where a thing of the norm. Party Crews would trick up their rides and/or Nissan mini trucks and fill in their trunks/truck beds with nothing but sub woofers. At every stop light you would hear nothing but Bass. During that time, The Po Po’s had a field day handing out Continue Reading