Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ 80’s FreeStyle Mix Ft. DJ Moussie

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Feb. 7, 2014

While shopping in DownTown L.A., we ran into some 80’s fashion, Stone Wash Jeans. They had all types of styles, Stone Wash, Torn Jean, and OverAlls. That is right, 80’s Fashion is coming back strong. I just can’t wait for the shoulder pads to come into play.. DJ Moussie Blessed us with a 80’s FreeStyle Mix. Artist include: Connie, Stevie B., Cover Girls, Pretty Poison, Dino, Lisa Lisa, Debbie Gibson, Linear, Nu Shooz, and Many More….

Enjoy the mix and have a great weekend.  Party Responsibly



Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Winter Reunion

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Nov. 29 2013

This week we got an email from one of our listeners Ruben Nunez from Colorado. He is coming to Cali next week and throwing a big Birthday party. It  is going to be a great night with some Feel Good Music. He asked us to create a mix with some Feel Good music from the 80’s and 90’s Party Scene.  #FryWeezie put it down on the 1’s and 2’s Mixing the best of FreeStlye, House, KROQ Flashbacks, Hi-NRG, 90’s Hip Hop, and Party Jams.. We will be there Celebrating our birthdays as well along with some Free MIX 96.6 FM giveaways.. It is all happening Saturday Dec. 7tn @  Antigua Bar and Grill 116 E. Beverly Blvd, Montebello, CA 90640. Come down and hang out with us… 
Enjoy the Mix…

Have a Great Weekend and Party Responsibly


Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Groove Line

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Nov. 15, 2013

This Friday we’re taking it back to the good Ol’ days of Disco!!!!!  We like to change it up from time to time and this time we went crate digging… All Songs  are recorded with live drum playing, meaning it is a lot harder to keep it in sinc (mixing) without riding the Pitch Control on the Turntable. Although, with Serato Scratch Live,  we get to see the visible waveforms which helps and makes things a little easier to mix with live drums, but you still need a good ear. Fry kicked it off with Heatwave, one the hottest Disco bands from the 70’s. Band Member, songwriter/keyboardistRod Temperton, left the band but continue to write songs for them.   Temperton’s hardly a household name – in fact, many Jackson fans will have been unaware of him until recent events led to a few mentions in dispatches – but the veteran Englishman wrote many of Jackson’s most famous songs, including Rock With You, Off the Wall and Thriller. And his contribution to pop doesn’t stop there. Temperton was recruited by Quincy Jones to write for Jackson, and he never looked back. He wrote three songs for Off the Wall and the title track of Thriller, the biggest selling album of all time. Temperton aslo wrote the famous Vincent Price Rap on his way to the studio. As if this wasn’t enough, he penned hits for everyone from Donna Summer to Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin to Anita Baker, Herbie Hancock to good ol’ Quincy Jones, George Benson to LL Cool J. Remember Stomp! by Brothers Johnson or Masterjam by Rufus? That was Temperton as well. Not bad for a self-taught muso whose first job was in a fish factory in Grimsby.  Just a little of music History…

Hope you enjoy the Mix..

Have a good weekend and Party Responsibly..


Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Show Me Love Party Mix

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Aug. 2, 2013

We got a special request from a Loyal FaceBook Listener, Daniel, in Arizona and wanted us to make a special mix for him and his Wife, Diana. They are both celebrating their Birthday this week and he wanted to create a special mix of some feel good music from the past, FreeStyle, House, and Hi-NRG..  FryWeezie is going to take you back when Aqua Net Hair spray was the biggest selling Hair Spray in your local grocery store and when Leg warmers were in style. LOL Enjoy the mix and Happy Birthday to both of you and May God Bless you both with many more…  Have a great weekend and Party Responsibly.



Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Debbie Deb Party Mix

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Jun 14th 2013

It’s Friday and There is  no other better way to start the weekend with some Feel Good Music. Fry Weezie put it all in the mix with FreeStyle, House, Top 40, Hi-NRG, and kicked it off with Debbie Deb “Look Out Weekend”. While surfing the net, we came across a small bio of Debbie Deb from Amoeba Music..

Debbie Deb’s reputation is base almost entirely on two of the earliest, biggest and most widely influential freestyle hits. With her almost spoken, flat, girlish vocals and innocent, adolescent concerns, her two initial singles – “When I Hear Music” and “Lookout Weekend” – set the tone for much of the freestyle that would follow. After being unceremoniously replaced by another singer two singles into her career, Debbie Deb turned to work as a hairstylist. However, she remains highly influential, having been listed as an influence by Continue Reading