Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ 80’s FreeStyle Mix Ft. DJ Moussie

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Feb. 7, 2014

While shopping in DownTown L.A., we ran into some 80’s fashion, Stone Wash Jeans. They had all types of styles, Stone Wash, Torn Jean, and OverAlls. That is right, 80’s Fashion is coming back strong. I just can’t wait for the shoulder pads to come into play.. DJ Moussie Blessed us with a 80’s FreeStyle Mix. Artist include: Connie, Stevie B., Cover Girls, Pretty Poison, Dino, Lisa Lisa, Debbie Gibson, Linear, Nu Shooz, and Many More….

Enjoy the mix and have a great weekend.  Party Responsibly


The Wednesday Latin WorkOut Quick Mix ~ DJ Moussie


Web_1509The Wednesday Latin Workout Quick Mix ~ DJ Moussie

Our Resident DJ Moussie has Done it again with a Latin Zumba Quick Mix. DJ Moussie has some Mad Skills when it comes the Mixing. Here at MIX 96.6 FM we strive to be different from your ordinary Techno TOP 40 DJ’s you hear everyday. This Mix will guarantee to make you shake your nalgas and get you a nice workout. So it’s time to Download this mix and get your Zumba On…

Cover Model: Jennifer Irene Gonzales..

Please leave a Comment below and tell us what you think or if you have any request to put down in the Mix.

Have a Great Workout and Workout Responsibly



Old School Quick Mix ~ DJ Moussie

DJ Moussie

Downloadable Link : Click “Here” and Save As.

Here is another Old School Quick Mix by DJ Moussie. I have to say this DJ is on Point and Flawless when it come to Mixing.. This mix will guarantee to make you Dance and bring back some good Times from back in the Day.. Hope you enjoy the mix as much as we did.. Download it and bump it in your ride or Ipod…

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DJ Moussie

 DJ Moussie

We like to Introduce the Newest Member of the MIX 96.6 Familia… DJ Moussie. I have known Moussie since the late 80’s when I was pushing my Demo trying to get a record deal under our group name, Def Row. Moussie has been spinning for years and was part of the Double Exposure Boyz Experience (party crew) in the late 80’s. We finally got a change to hook up once again thanks to The MD Menudo DJ Network. I was happy to finally hook up once again and talk about good old times and just catch up. Come to find out, we have a lot in common when it comes to DJ’ing, we are both perfectionist in the DJ world. Moussie recently played @ Winter Jam 2011 and you will find him making an appearance @ the Shore Ultra Lounge in Strong Beach aka Long Beach. We are excited to have him in the family. He will be blessing us with a mix from time to time. Moussie welcome to the family…

Memorial Day Weekend Old school Mix by Dj Moussie on Mixcloud