Friday Feel Quick Mix ~ Aqua Boogie Vol.1

Taking you waaaaay back to the days of Aqua Net Hair Spray, Pompadours, Rolled Up Stone Washed Jeans, Shoulder Padded Jackets, and Creepers… This is a mix that combines FreeStyle, House, Latin House, KROQ New Wave, and 80’s Party Jams..  This is the first one of the a Series of Mixes…Hope you enjoy this Mix…

Download the mix below.

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Debbie Deb Party Mix

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Jun 14th 2013

It’s Friday and There is  no other better way to start the weekend with some Feel Good Music. Fry Weezie put it all in the mix with FreeStyle, House, Top 40, Hi-NRG, and kicked it off with Debbie Deb “Look Out Weekend”. While surfing the net, we came across a small bio of Debbie Deb from Amoeba Music..

Debbie Deb’s reputation is base almost entirely on two of the earliest, biggest and most widely influential freestyle hits. With her almost spoken, flat, girlish vocals and innocent, adolescent concerns, her two initial singles – “When I Hear Music” and “Lookout Weekend” – set the tone for much of the freestyle that would follow. After being unceremoniously replaced by another singer two singles into her career, Debbie Deb turned to work as a hairstylist. However, she remains highly influential, having been listed as an influence by Continue Reading