January 18, 2020
  • 7:50 PM 80’s Hi-NRG Mix ft. DJ Ram
  • 7:51 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Everybody’s Got A Little Light Under The Sun
  • 8:47 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Erotic City
  • 8:15 PM The Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Let’s Get Down Old School Party Mix
  • 2:00 PM Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Jump On This Old School Party Train

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Jan 3, 2014

Thanks to all of you who Downloaded the enjoyed listening the New Years Mix ft. #FryWeezie and DJ Moussie. I hope you all had fun time bringing in the New Year 2014. As you all know, we love all types of Music and one of favorite genres is “House Music”. House music was developed in the houses, garages and clubs of Chicago initially for local club-goers in the “underground” club scenes, rather than for widespread commercial release. As a result, the recordings were much more conceptual, longer than the music usually played on commercial radio. House musicians used analog synthesizers and sequencers to create and arrange the electronic elements and samples on their tracks, combining live traditional instruments and percussion and soulful vocals with preprogrammed electronic synthesizers and “beat-boxes”.

So while #FryWeezie and I, try to recover from New Years Eve, We have DJ Jeff House on the 1’s and 2’s. Jeff House loves House music and has been spinning House since the early 80’s. From Progressive, Vocal, Deep, Soulful, Trance, Funky, Disco, and Hard House, Jeff can blend House Music with ease. I know we label this a Quick Mix, but in House Music Standards, This is considered a Quick Mix. Over 1 hour long mix just in time to kick start our New Years Resolution and we all know what that is, Losing Weight 🙂 So if you Love House Music, you are going to enjoy this mix and just a DJ Fact, “House” is his real last name. Boom!!!   Thank You Jeff House

Enjoy the Mix and Party Responsibly..



Dave Stylus

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