“The Engineer With Out a Fear” #FryWeezie

fry weezie

#FryWeezie…  The man behind the Music.. Fry has been in the entertaining world since the early years of childhood. From BreakDancing to the art of DJ’ing, He has been entertaining folks of all ages.  With his high pitch screechy voice and  his “no fear” style of DJ’ing, he is guaranty to make you get down and boogie… His Real Break was at the age of 13 when he was asked to help DJ a Breakdancing Battle at a L.A. Skating Rink. The first record he played was a Michael Jackson Mega Mix on a 7″ white label vinyl. From then on, he got the itch in his Huevos. Fry was DJ’ing at High School Ditching Parties, House Parties,  and anywhere that could play and show his skills. He hooked up with Dave Stylus @ Peppers Bar and Grill and the rest is History… How he got the Name, “Fry Weezie”, you asked? He worked at In N Out Burger for over 12 years and they always put him on the Fry station. In the Kitchen/Stand, they call a Well Done French Fry a “Fry Weezie”. Next thing you know, he was given the Name “Fry Weezie” by his fellow associates and it stuck.

“The Entertainer” Dave Stylus


I have always been the entertainer in my Family. At the young age of 8, I was dancing at the local malls and was hired as a crowd performer for mall fashion shows. I started break dancing in the early 80’s then started DJ’ing shortly after and soon became a popular house party DJ along the side of my party crew, The MDA Boyz and manager Sanders Woodall. Later, I met and teamed up with Matt Theriault,  The Lumbajack, of Ill Boogie Records and worked along side with some of 80’s Hip Hop recording artist. At the Same time we were DJ’ng weddings, Quincineras, Private Parties, and Performing for local High schools.

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