Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Ft. DJ Fishy

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for April 2017

This month we have a special guest DJ all the way from Florida, DJ Fishy. We love the energy this mix. It makes us Feel Good. From Disco to House, This is pure Feel Good Music Right Here… Turn it up and piss off the neighbors. Thank you DJ Fishy for letting us showcase your talent.

Enjoy the Mix…


Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ 90’s Slow Jams Ft. DJ Sim

90's Slow Jam Cover 800 x 800

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ 90’s Slow Jams Ft. DJ Sim

We heard this mix sometime last year and I had to save it for a special occasion, Valentine’s Day. So while Fry Weezie gets funky Fresh with his new lady, Anita, we have DJ Sim on the 1’s and 2’s. DJ Sim is one of the hardest working DJ’s to hit Germany. From R & B to Reggae to Top 40, he knows how to rock a club. DJ Sim is spinning the best Slow Jams of the 90’s. We are talking about some real “Baby Making Music”. Artist Include: Jodeci, R. Kelly, H-Town, Shai, Silk, Something for the People, Ursher, Xscape, and many more… Enjoy the Mix and have a great Valentine’s Day…

This was written in German, so I had Google Translate for us.

DJ SimDJ Sim is not only a national concept for several years. No other mixtapes are so fast out of print or downloaded as his! DJ SIM is resident DJ of the first hour of the now world famous party series SOULSUGA events. As a former resident of a known Dortmund club scene took his DJ career by the DJ job at the SOULSUGA parties of the known Casting Stars “AKAY” only right to ride on. Now he has now 14 years in business and is known as a sore thumb. Its distinctive look and its special feeling in the song selection combined with his flair for new trends make it an absolute role model for the industry. His daily professional work and his meticulous in everything he does about his job with the black vinyl treasures, make it an absolute leader of the Black scene.

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Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ Wedding Reception Party Mix Ft. DJ Scotty Fox

SFoxLabelThe Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for November 2014.

A friend of mine asked me if I would make him a mix for his wedding reception. Do to our tight schedule, we were unable to create on. So, I reached out to DJ Scotty Fox @DJScottyFoxx  and his Mixcrate account. Scotty has all kind of mixes in his profile. He records live wedding reception mixes and post them up. I found this mix and it blew me away. This sounds like a fun wedding to be at. The energy was out the roof. He mixed in all kinds of genres and kept the mix in a continuous energy flow for 2 1/2 hours.  This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the way you’re suppose to hear a professional DJ play at your wedding reception. Now, if I ever re-marry, I’m going to hire DJ Scotty Fox and fly him in to be my Wedding DJ. Now, sit back and enjoy the mix. That is, if you can stay sitting down. Big Shout Out to the Talented DJ Scotty Fox.

Click HERE to Listen to our Valentine’s Mix Ft. DJ Scotty Fox

Scotty Fox’s career is punctuated by creativity and rebellion – destroying conventional radio with his diabolical mixes. His remixes featured on the Top Secret compilation series became the industry standard. He has opened for thousands at various concert venues and clubs, always rising above the herd with his exceptional skills. But despite his meteoric success, Fox remains grounded about his achievements and clearly loves mixxing and playing music above the accolades it brings.


Labor Day Mix Ft. DJ Asylum

The Labor Day mix Ft. DJ Asylum

We are on a mini vacation and put a call to one of our Boyz, DJ Asylum, to step in and Bless us with a Labor Day Mix. So as we chill by the pool and sip on some mix drinks, we get to enjoy some Feel Good Music in the mix. This mix has the best of Old School, New Jack Swing, 90’s Hits, Classic Hip Hop, Electro, and Rap. All put together to get your Labor Day Weekend started off just right.

Have a safe Labor Day Weekend.  Enjoy the mix and Party Responsibly.

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix ~ 80’s FreeStyle Mix Ft. DJ Moussie

Friday Feel Good Quick Mix for Feb. 7, 2014

While shopping in DownTown L.A., we ran into some 80’s fashion, Stone Wash Jeans. They had all types of styles, Stone Wash, Torn Jean, and OverAlls. That is right, 80’s Fashion is coming back strong. I just can’t wait for the shoulder pads to come into play.. DJ Moussie Blessed us with a 80’s FreeStyle Mix. Artist include: Connie, Stevie B., Cover Girls, Pretty Poison, Dino, Lisa Lisa, Debbie Gibson, Linear, Nu Shooz, and Many More….

Enjoy the mix and have a great weekend.  Party Responsibly